Amba School

Amba School for Excellence

Vision :

A School which has its foundation set in spiritual science and aims at an overall development of the child including academic excellence, physical development and enhanced spiritual, emotional & social awareness.


Teaching that promotes ‘Common Sense’ and ‘Inner Intuition’.


A school that has in its foundation, the knowledge that is in the heart of enlightened beings…

  • Where children get an opportunity to grow fearlessly in a pure and loving environment

  • Where the tutor, as a friend, is instrumental in the development of the child

  • A teaching methodology that makes learning interesting and simple

  • Sculpting the child with the most practical & useful education in today’s fast-moving world

Our heartfelt aspiration:

  • To instill values that makes this human life worthwhile

  • To share with children, the kind of pure love that we have received

  • To establish moral values that result in respect towards elders and equality with everyone

  • To guide destructive energies onto a constructive path

  • To develop A to Z (complete) positivity.

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